Male teens beginning shaving

Yet the rite of passage seems monumental, like a baby's first haircut, so you want to think through it and get it right the first time. However, electric razors have a high upfront cost and don't give the closest shave. It's alright for your teen to experiment with different brands and types of shaving cream, such as foams and gels, but it's wise to stick with products formulated for sensitive skin at this early stage.

Male teens beginning shaving
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At around the ages of 10 — 15, boys will hit puberty, and will start to experience strong physical changes. Razors can leave skin irritated and dry so it is important to maintain proper cleansing and moisturizing for the shaved areas. The second option is to use male teens beginning shaving electric razor, which might just be a better choice for teen boys, over the old school manual shave. Keep a styptic pencil on-hand for the inevitable nicks.

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Male teens beginning shaving
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Male teens beginning shaving
Male teens beginning shaving

In fact, the choices for that first shave seem almost overwhelming. Double-click here and select a page to feature its content. Ideally, someone who knows how to shave… properly. However, at some point, all boys should learn to shave with a manual razor. These areas are typically the first that the girl will begin to shave, at some point after the onset of puberty.

Male teens beginning shaving
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Male teens beginning shaving
Male teens beginning shaving
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